Los Patos Corcovado

The Los Patos Corcovado park Entrance is the only park ranger station and entrance located away from the ocean. It is located on the Rio Rincon Valley, next to the Guaymi Indigenous reservation. It offers the visitor local trails which should be explored with a guide. It is also the popular gateway for those looking for the trekking tour crossing Corcovado National park from Los Patos to Sirena, crossing the entire park in a 10 – 12 hour hike. This is considered the epitome of rainforest hiking in Costas Rica.

To get to Los Patos, visitors must first reach Rincon, after that continue to the smaller village of La Palma, and then La Florida. There are some smaller lodges in that area, where visitors can spend a night. Some Lodges ( PLEASE REQUEST ) include the guided Corcovado Hiking Package from Los Patos to Sirena. Overnight stays in Sirena can also be included, 1 – 2 – 3 nights, since hiking back the same day is not possible. Once in Sirena, visitors can either hike back to Los Patos, or walk along the beach-rainforest trail South to Le Leona, the other park entrance located near the town of Carate de Osa.