Drake Bay

Drkae Bay
Hidden Paradise

Drake Bay is the main getaway for those that wish to explore the Northern Corcovado National park. The small and enchanting bay got famous hundreds of years ago. It was used as a hideaway for pirates, including Sir Frances Drake, who, it is told, buried his treasures in the area and used it as a hideaway.

Gateway to Corcovado

The small village in Drake Bay is called Agujitas. Most of the hotels and lodges are located in Drake Bay, or around the coastline. Drake Bay has its own airstrip, so clients can also fly from San Jose or other regions in Costa Rica.

From Sierpe to Drake Bay

The majority of clients arrive via land through Sierpe. Once in Sierpe, our boat departs from Oleaje Sereno Restaurant at 11 AM and also, later at 3 PM. The boat ride from Sierpe to Drake Bay takes around 1 hour. It is very scenic since it will go through mangrove forests.

Nature in Drake Bay
Tropical weather

The climate in Drake Bay is hot and humid, with a heave rainfall during the rainy seasons months, which go from May to November, The rest of the months are part of the so called dry seasons.

Tour Packages
Tourism and hotels

Drake Bay and the town of Agujitas offer several facilities and services, including a fairly good grocery store, police, emergency services ( medical ) and many restaurants and bars. Cabins and Hotels we use are normally away from downtown Drake Bay in order to provide the REAL QUIET NATURE EXPERIENCE.