La Leona Ranger Station

La Leona
Where is it ?

La Leona Ranger station is located in the Southern End of Corcovado National Park, near to the village of Carate de Osa. It connects the trail network with Sirena and Los Patos, in a strong daily hike or overnight, in case of Los Patos. There is a trail leading along the beach and tropical rainforest from La Leona to Sirena, during which clients pass through Rio Madrigal, a great place for wildlife observation.

Carate Osa
How to get there ?

The only way to reach it by car is driving from Puerto Jimenez to Carate. Once in Carate, there is a 2 Kilometer hike to La Leona Corcovado Park Ranger Station. Once there, the trail continues to Sirena, in a 7 – 8 hour long hike.

What to expect ?

Compared to the other park entrances, its first part is not particularly interesting, however, after around 2 hours of hiking towards Sirena, you will find Barco Hundido and Rio Madrigal, two river mouths where the wildlife is equally good as it is in Sirena.