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Corcovado Tours

You can book several additional tours and activities on site. Some we reciommend you book in advance, since the entrance capacity of the park is limited. Normally our standard and Classic Packages include the Tour to Corcovado National Park and also the Snorkeling Tour to Caño Island.


Caño Island Snorkeling

Day trip to the best dive and snorkel site. Day trip.

San Pedrillo

San Pedrillo Corcovado Park

The northernmost entrance to Corcovado. Guided day trip.


Sirena Corcovado Park

Sirena is the most remote park entrance to Corcovado. Day trip.

Mangrove Tour

Siepre Mangroves

Explore the Sierpe River Mangroves. Half day tour.

Caño Island Diving

Scuba Diving

Book the 2 tank scuba trip to Caño Island, a great dive site

Night Tour

Night Tour

Explore the rainforest mysteries at night. Ecoadventure. 3 hours.

Whale Watching

Whale Watching

During some months, many humpback whales arrive in the region.

Horseback riding

Horseback Riding

Gallop along the beach or explore the nature.

Canopy Corcovado

Canopy Tour Zip Lines

Enjoy exhilaration and nature at the same time.

Gold Tour

Gold Tour

Highly recommended. Nature and cultural tour.

Corcovado from Uvita

Corcovado from Uvita

Day tour into Corcovado departing from Uvita

Cano Island from Uvita

Caño Island from Uvita

Day trip to the Caño Island from Uvita

Bird watching


Osa and Corcovado is a birding haven. Explore. Half day or full day.


There are several park entrances. We operate the San Pedrillo and Sirena Park entrances, since we consider them the best in the entire Corcovado - Osa area for wildlife observation. Other trips outside the regular packages include Scuba Diving ( Caño Island is one of the best dive sites in Costa Rica ). In case you are looking for shorter trips, we suggest Sierpe Mangroves, Horseback Riding, Night Tour and Birding. The Gold Washing Tour is particularely interesting since it combines culture, tradition and history with a fun half day activity where you will learn how locals used to and still find gold in the creeks and mines of the Peninsula