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Unlike other destinations in Costa Rica, where travel has become quite easy, visiting the Corcovado National Park is a different scenario. Not only it the park remote, but it is also little interconnected. Roads in the area are rural, the main communication way is still waterways. All this and the fact that it is a vast rainforest territory with a dramatic landscape and an intense climate have made it possible for us to create a series of frequently asked questions about the Corcovado National park and also Drake Bay and other sub regions in the Osa Peninsula.


Do you have to pay for tickets to the national park ?

Is it necessary to book tours in advance?

What are the most recommended tours to do in Drake Bay ?

What is the best part of the park ?

What is the best and worst date to visit the region?

Where do you see more animals ?

What is the best way to get to Corcovado?

What is the difference between Tortuguero and Corcovado?

Is it worth visiting ?

There are beaches to swim in Corcovado?

Visiting Corcovado with children

As are the trails in Corcovado ?

Top places to visit

Whales and dolphins

During some months of the year, several humpback whales come to the Osa from South America and also from North America.

Sirena Corcovado
Sirena Ranger Station

The most remote ranger station can only be visited traveling by boat from Drkae Bay, or by foot crossing the entire park.

San Pedrillo
San Pedrillo Ranger Station

The northernmost entrance to Corcovado is the most visited entry point. Fauna and flora has increased over the passt few years.