Fights to Drake Bay

Domestic airlines

If you wish to save time, you can book a domestic flight to Drake Bay or Palmar Sur

You can book the domestic flight between San Jose and other destinations in Costa Rica to fly directly to the Drake Bay and Palmar Sur. The flight from San Jose lasts approximately 45 minutes, and in addition to greatly shorten the duration of the trip, in case you do not enjoy long ground routes, the flight also offers incredible panoramic views on a clear day.

Local Flights

Map of the park

Flights to Drake Bay

Shuttle and Mini Van

Top places to visit

Whales and dolphins

During some months of the year, several humpback whales come to the Osa from South America and also from North America.

Sirena Corcovado
Sirena Ranger Station

The most remote ranger station can only be visited traveling by boat from Drkae Bay, or by foot crossing the entire park.

San Pedrillo
San Pedrillo Ranger Station

The northernmost entrance to Corcovado is the most visited entry point. Fauna and flora has increased over the passt few years.