Corcovado Tent Camp

Corcovado Adventures Tent Camp Lodge is located half way between Drake Bay and the San Pedrillo Park Ranger Station. The tent camp lodge is located right on the beach at a place called Las Caletas. The lodge offers 24 tents, some located right on the beach and some more tucked away inside the forested property. The Lodge also has its own restaurant and bar, where three meals per day are served ( included in the price ). Each tent is rustic, but has its own wooden deck and small porch. The inside has a separate tent, where two beds are distributed, one a double bed and another single bed. Triple occupancy is the maximum capacity. Each tent has electricity 24 hours.

From the lodge, you can hike South to Rio Claro River mouth and Wildlife refuge, approximately 1 hour away. The river mouth is a very pretty place, with a small sandy beach. Many clients take that walk in case they have an extra day at leisure. On the way to Rio Claro, one might encounter quite a bit of wildlife, like white faced monkeys, Coati Mundis and Racoons as well as the beautiful red Macaws.

The lodge offers packages, which include all the meals, transportation from Sierpe ( 1 hour away by boat ) in case you head South by land. You can leave the car in SIERPE for U$ 7 per day. The boat departs from Oleaje Sereno restaurant at 11 am and 3 pm in case you cannot make it in time. In case you fly South, the package also include pick up at the Drake Bay airstrip ( 15 minutes buy boat ).

The package also include either one of two tours to choose from, Corcovado Full Day Tour - Boat and land expedition of Sirena Ranger Station – and / or Cano Island Full Day Snorkeling Tour with occasional whale and dolphin watching included.

Top places to visit

Whales and dolphins

During some months of the year, several humpback whales come to the Osa from South America and also from North America.

Sirena Corcovado
Sirena Ranger Station

The most remote ranger station can only be visited traveling by boat from Drkae Bay, or by foot crossing the entire park.

San Pedrillo
San Pedrillo Ranger Station

The northernmost entrance to Corcovado is the most visited entry point. Fauna and flora has increased over the passt few years.